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We never underestimate

the potential of a young mind.

We’re all different. Which is why we don’t subscribe to cookie-cutter educations. In fact, our philosophy is to fit the curriculum to the student. Not the other way around.

But more than that, we believe that no matter how distracted, impatient, uninterested, anxious, or unengaged, the potential really is in there.
It just needs to be coaxed out.

So, with patience, empathy and persistence, we work with our students to incite their natural curiosity and instill a love of learning. And bring forward the next generation of amazing human beings. Please call us at 206-236-1095 if you think this approach to learning might benefit your student.

Uniquely individual

Yellow Wood Academy serves a wide range of students, from those who desire a greater challenge or more flexible schedule, to those with a need for a specific educational approach. Our student body includes:

  • Accelerated learners
  • Twice exceptional students
  • ADHD diagnosed
  • Athletes, performers and others with demanding schedules
  • Executive function challenged
  • Anxious learners
  • Children on the spectrum
  • Students desiring to reintegrate into a previous school
  • Socially challenged children
  • Students desiring more particular educational focus
  • Under-challenged students
  • Those in transition from other organizations

Yellow Wood Academy is built around a one to one student-teacher relationship. This is not just a mentoring program with progress checks. This is an immersive person-to-person educational partnership that strives for 100% accountability. So there is an accurate assessment of the child’s progress-in real-time.
And that means no surprises.

Our one to one method optimizes the learning experience by tuning the subject to the student’s interest, by pacing the lesson to the individual’s rate of learning, and by staying attuned to the student’s focus, anxiety and engagement. All of which occurs beside a rich environment of camaraderie and community.
We provide islands of focus within a sea of social interaction.

How our small groups
help students make big strides.

At Yellow Wood, we’re known for our excellence at one to one instruction. But equally important within our curriculum is an attention to small group learning. In groups of four to six, students learn to create, explore and problem-solve in safe, small collaborative environments.

Compassion and integrity are the cornerstones of successful interpersonal interaction. These traits cannot be developed, demonstrated, or experienced on a computer screen or in isolation. When it comes to learning these skills, the small group learning environment has outsized importance.

The benefits of small groups.

Group experience helps develop the skills to:

  • Collaborate
  • Discuss
  • Debate
  • Hear different perspectives
  • Integrate different perspectives into consensus
  • Participate in a less risky environment
  • Understand and express emotions
  • Understand and respect the emotions and perspectives of others

In short, our small groups help foster a sense of community and belonging, which paves the way for more success in all areas. It’s one of the big reasons why we say our students thrive.


Though we’re academically rigorous, we’re not rigid. We make certain that our kids have the space to be kids, free to befriend.

Yellow Wood Academy is friend-friendly.

So they hang out together. Share ideas: practical, global, and technical ideas.
But they also discuss important stuff like celebrity tweets.
Video game cheats. Swag shoes.

Our students learn how to work together and moderate their feelings. It’s a community of exceptional children working towards a common goal: understanding, connectedness, and growth.
It all adds up to an environment where they don’t just learn, they thrive.



Eight reasons to choose Yellow Wood.

Nationally accredited K-12 non-profit private school.

Accreditation provides third-party validation of a consistent level of quality. We have been an accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) since 2000 and State approved since 1992.

Class size: Two, the teacher and the student.

In our experience, the one to one teaching method leads to significantly better understanding, accountability and success for all kinds of students, from those who are ahead to those who are behind.

Flexible class scheduling.

Rigid is not a word to associate with YWA. We strive to provide the most flexible learning structure possible, and thus provide you with many scheduling options to meet the needs of your student and family.

A personalized curriculum created for each student.

Once we understand the competences and interests of your student, we will craft a curriculum that is uniquely tailored to their needs. Where there’s weakness, we add strength. Where there’s strength, we add challenge.

External electives for added credit.

Students may use outside participation in other activities as course credit when approved in advance. This “school without walls” concept helps account for real world experience.

Opportunities to socialize with fellow students.

We are cognizant that many one to one teaching organizations don’t provide a level of social interaction necessary for a healthy, well-rounded education. So we make friendships a priority.

Core Plus: Art, music, physical training and activities.

All work and no play is no fun. So we complement our core academics with art classes and projects; music theory, composition, production as well as personal training and one to one competitive sports like racquetball.

Small group learning when appropriate.

One to one teaching is critically important but group interaction has its place as well. So we introduce smaller groups in key subjects so that students gain social competence by listening, sharing and debating ideas.

A personal curriculum.
A personal schedule.

Sometimes the best way to find the right path is by providing a highly tailored educational experience. Because when it is more personal, it is also more productive.


Personalize it.

Yellow Wood Academy offers tremendous scheduling flexibility. And what family today couldn’t use a little more flexibility? Whether it’s because of professional commitments or special circumstances, we understand the need for a customized curriculum with hours that fit your student’s schedule.

Click or hover over a circle for details.


Yellow Wood Academy awards credit for core and elective classes in a positive, personalized K-12 environment. Our curriculum encompasses AP and Honors-level classes as well as remedial instruction, including accommodations for students with special learning needs. Instruction is always delivered one to one or in very small groups, ensuring personal attention throughout.


One to one tutoring helps develop knowledge and skills while improving study skills and boosting confidence. At YWA students may participate in tutoring throughout the academic year or a few sessions targeting a challenging project or exam. Programs include single subjects, on-task work, organizational habits, test- taking practice, and the development of executive functioning skills.


YWA offers customized program design and flexible scheduling for our Summer program. Some of our summer offerings are: Courses for Credit, Tutoring, Cogmed, Executive Function Workshops, Academic Assessment, Music and Art, Summer Test Prep - SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, HSPE, EOC & more


Perhaps your student is interested in maintaining primary enrollment at their current school. Afternoon schedules allow students to accelerate their learning pace with specific courses for credit. Or, remedial work may be done at this time. Our schedules are flexible to meet the needs of all types of students, part time or full time.


Schedule your student’s classes to start at midday and you suddenly have a way to escape rush hour traffic. It’s all part of our desire to help customize the learning experience to meet the needs of our students and their families.


If your routine needs to start early, we've got that covered too. Yellow Wood Academy is open at 7 a.m. for the early birds and stays open until 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Test Prep

Personalized test preparation reduces stress, boosts confidence, and provides a critical overview of content material to raise your student's score. Preparation is offered one to one or in small groups to maximize achievement. We help students feel comfortable and ready to perform on standardized assessments including the SAT, ACT, and Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE)


Part-time enrollment is offered at Yellow Wood Academy so that students may earn course credits, either for acceleration, credit recovery, or remediation while maintaining primary enrollment at their home schools, or for transition back to a full-time teaching environment.








Test Prep


Click on Mr. Frost's image to read "The Road Not Taken".

Take a road less traveled.

Robert Frost (1874-1963), an American poet who received four Pulitzer Prizes, wrote the beloved poem "The Road Not Taken." His writing contemplated the choices we all must make in life and recognized the courage necessary to find one’s own way.

We take our name, Yellow Wood Academy, as an homage to self-determination. Because it is the very moment when we all begin to thrive.


When we say our students "thrive",

we mean as individuals,

in small groups and

ultimately, in the real world.