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How to get started.

How to begin to evaluate

Yellow Wood Academy as your school.

We’ve simplified our school inquiry and evaluation process into key milestones, below.

As usual, we’re always available to discuss the process or any questions you may have about how to determine if our school is right for your student.

Send us questions via email by clicking here. Or call us at 206-236-1095.

Here's how to navigate the path to

Yellow Wood Academy:

First get the facts. There's all sorts of information you can find on our website, from what kind of students attend, to specifics about special focus programs. Or just email us and we'll answer all your questions.

Talk to the parents of a current student.

As part of your due diligence, you may want to ask our current parents some questions. Email us by clicking here and we'll put you in touch. That way, you'll get an unvarnished account of what it's like to learn here. It's really the best marketing we have.

Visit the school. Bring your pupil. And your knowing eyes.

Nothing can tell you more about our school environment and vibe than a visit to the school. Get a physical sense of the place. Meet teachers and staff. Watch our one to one in action. Seeing is believing.

Choose the date of your tour:
Any Wednesday

Nearly every Wednesday, we conduct tours for interested parents and prospective students. Tours start at 9:30am and last about an hour and 15 minutes. To choose a specific available date, use our scheduling tool here.

If YWA feels right, let us know.

It’s exciting when you can start to envision your student thriving in the right space. If your starting to think that this might be a fit, then contact us right away. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss, in detail, our program and your child. We’ll have questions, and you will too.

Apply through our admissions portal provided by Ravenna Solutions.

Ravenna is a web-based admission system that allows you to efficiently apply to Yellow Wood Academy. Click here to go directly to the Ravenna portal. Create a new account or login. Then complete an application for Yellow Wood Academy.

Let's sit down and check to see if it's the right fit.

We’ll review your specific needs and formulate a preliminary plan on how we can structure a productive learning experience for your child. In this meeting we’ll discuss the plan and specific tuition.

Together, we’ll evaluate YWA for your child.

Any positive relationship has at its core a common understanding of what each partner is looking for and can provide to the other. This understanding is fundamental to our ability to ensure that students will thrive in our academy. Most likely, YWA will hit the mark. If not, we'll provide ideas on where to go next.

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Schedule a tour now.

Yellow Wood Academy tours are conducted each Wednesday. Schedule yours now.

Click on the day you’d like to tour the school. Then, submit contact information. We will send you a confirmation email. All tours begin at 9:30am. Space is limited. For directions, click here.

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Once you've taken our tour,

apply through Ravenna Solutions.

We’ve made our admissions process easier for you. Now, using an on-line application you can quickly apply to Yellow Wood. If you have any questions about how to use the on-line application, please call us at 206-236-1095 or email